he GR Travel Tops Expedition and Safari Canopy/Tent Combination
A new concept:

The GR Travel Top Safari Canopy utilises a new concept in the field of Touring Canopies.

The canopy differs from all other concepts in as much as it incorporates or combines the sleeping area with the canopy area. It is important to note that the sleeping area is not inside the canopy but next to it and these two areas are covered by one tent. The result is that the combined sleeping and canopy area is covered by a tent measuring 2.4m wide by 2.2m long.

All this is achieved by having the roof of the canopy hinge open to one side and covering the resultant area by a tent.

The result is an enormously spacious area. The canopy is void of the main sleeping component (which is suspended alongside) and has an average height of 2.1m.


This concept has some very distinct advantages:
-This canopy, on a 4×4 vehicle, is a truly all terrain vehicle. Everything is packed and protected within the canopy. There is no necessity to tow a trailer. There is the added advantage of being able to tow your boat or microlight to your favourite destination.

-Userfriendly / Ease of erection and dismantling: The tent is pitched and the bed and living area are ready for use in a matter of minutes. When breaking up camp, the tent and double bed mattress are stowed in the lid or roof of the canopy, leaving the canopy free for normal use. The canopy can then also accommodate passengers in comfort whilst travelling.

-As previously mentioned, this concept makes for a very spacious tented area and volume. Access to the double bed is from within the canopy. The sleeping area accommodates a 1.2m wide full length mattress of 100mm high density foam. It is more comfortable than many caravan double beds! Gone are the days of clambering down two meter narrow rickety ladders in the dead of night, braving the elements and anything else that the surroundings might bring upon you. For the ladies especially, this is a wonderful advantage and calls of nature are simply taken care of by a chemical toilet inside the canopy.

-The Travel Top is spacious enough to accommodate a family of four with comfort. Two side folding bunks can be provided in the canopy on the opposite side of the double bed.

-The Travel Top’s spacious interior allows for the preparation of meals and the installation of a mini kitchen and freezer permanently inside the canopy with little impedence on available space.

-Once the lid has been opened, it automatically creates an awning for protection against the sun.

-The lid, when opened, lends itself to adequate space so that an adult can stand upright. Packing can be accomplished without having to crawl into the canopy.

-An add-in-room can be draped around the “awning” to create extra accommodation, storage, shower area, etc.

-The tailgate of the vehicle is not removed with the following advantages:

* Immediate availability of a worktop area. * A comfortable landing for easy entry into the canopy. * Rough storage area for the packing of goods, for example fire wood.


So, if you are tired of clambering in and out of tents, descending from the heavens to mother earth, sleeping on the equivalent of hiking mattresses, being camped up in low slung tents during rainy weather, lying on your back whilst trying to wriggle into your clothes – then it is time you seriously considered investing in a GR Travel Top.

GR Travel Top is your solution to today’s camping problems!

Non Safari Uses:

A lot of interest has been shown in the GR Travel Top from outside the Tourism industry. In particular, the maintenance and construction user regards the Travel Top as ideal for accommodation and a mobile office. The equestrian fraternity has shown keen interest for use as accommodation at “away from home” venues. The Travel Top enables them to tow their horse box and provides accommodation as well.